How To Access The Proposal

The Illinois Senate Redistricting Proposal is now available for viewing on your home computer using Google Earth! The map is labeled and zoomable down to street-level.



IF YOU ALREADY HAVE GOOGLE EARTH INSTALLED - click on the link below and the map will open on your computer - otherwise, you will need to following the instructions for installing Google Earth below.

If you prefer, you may download Adobe Acrobat PDF files of the proposed districts below:



STEP 1. To review the redistricting proposal in intricate detail, you will need to download and install Google Earth from here:

STEP 2. - For the best experience in viewing the proposal, turn off any unnecessary layers.  You will want to make sure that only “Borders and Labels” and “Roads” are selected as illustrated below.

STEP 3. - Once Google Earth is installed and configured - click on the link below to retrieve the map (select "OPEN" if prompted. On the iPad, if you have the Google Earth app installed, you can click on "Open in Google Earth" when prompted.)

Once the map is downloaded, it will appear as shown below:

STEP 4. - You can navigate to the various Legislative Districts from the drop-down on the left side of the screen. You can also turn on and off the various Legislative Districts by un-selecting the check mark beside each district.

STEP 5 - You can navigate to your desired location by zooming in, using the navigational tools to the right of the screen (as shown below.)

FOR MORE INFORMATION on using Google Earth - click here:


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