CHICAGO – U.S. Census Bureau announced on Thursday that Illinois was undercounted by nearly 2% which means that the population grew by approximately 250,000 residents. This is currently more than 13 million people for the first time in the state’s history.

Chair of the Senate Redistricting Committee Omar Aquino (D-Chicago), released the following statement in response:

“I am excited that so many new Illinoisans have recognized that our state is a great place to live, work and raise our families. We have set up Illinois to be an economic hub for green technology, made vital investments in our schools and higher education facilities and are working to ensure workers receive a fair wage.

“I am dedicated to working with Illinois’ federal officials to ensure the state receives the funding and resources that residents deserve.”

Enacted Congressional Map, Public Act 102-670, Enacted Nov. 23, 2021

Proposed Judicial Subcircuit Map

Enacted Legislative Map - Public Act 102-0663 - Enacted on September 24, 2021

Enacted Supreme Court Map, Public Act 102-011, Enacted June 4, 2021

Enacted Cook County Board of Review Map


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